Social and Contacts

Our Payment Platform solution includes the ability to save contacts and engage in social interactions with the users of your product. Individuals can set avatar and profile images, create groups of users and send P2P transaction to those groups or individual users.

Account Card

Our Payment Platform supports a plastic magentic card that can be used in brick and morter stores. The card connects automatically to the users' account and works just like all the other ways to pay and draw from the same account. Track rewards and customer visits. All in one simple easy to use card.

The account card is tightly coupled with your customers' mobile device to prevent fraud and allow for realtime notifications and alerts related to their account and card. Security and fraud prevention is a top priority and we stopped at nothing to ensure your customers will have peace of mind using your services.

Transaction History

All transactions performed using our Payment Platform are recorded and kept for your users to view. We also include the option of recording each individual item that was purchased during a transaction, for an even more detailed view into the past.

Merchant Services

No payment platform would be complete without robust Merchant Services and tools. We provide APIs and tools to allow authorizations from any platform and source.

Our Merchant Services allow you to integrate your Point of Sale system, eCommerce or any other service and platform to your customer payment platform.

Advanced Mobile Notifications

Coinleap's Payment Platform will automatically send notifications to your users with important information about their accounts. Fraud, Deposit and Custom notifications gives you a wide array of communication possibilities with your users.

Coinleap also offers notifications as a standalone solution. Easily add mobile devices and setup groups of users. We send push messages to your users allowing more devices to be reached. No cell carrier network is required, just any internet connection. Push messages also allow for a better and richer notification experience

Fraud Prevention

We have developed state-of-the-art technology to help prevent fraud. When a transaction is detected that needs greater fraud prevention, Coinleap will send an instant notification to all registered devices the account owner has to and notify him or her of the pending transaction. Coinleap then holds the transaction in-flight and waits for the user to validate the notification on his or her mobile device.

This fraud prevention method allows for your customers to always know when there is account activity and puts the power of reviewing possible fraudulent transaction in the hands of your users. This feature can be used in a variety of ways and configurations, including standalone support, and couples well with third party app creators to help prevent un-authorized transactions to users accounts.

Pay with Mobile App

Our Payment Platform allow you to integrate a payment/transaction option into your existing app. Easily scan a bar-code from your app and process using our merchant services.

Not only can your users pay and/or transact with a mobile app, they can reload and manage their digital wallet as well. Combined with several other ways to pay, such as eCommerce and our Account Card, Coinleap gives your users more ways to transact with you.

2-Factor Authentication

Using 2-factor authentication, you can offer a higher level of security for users accounts. Using industry standard TOTP codes, our payment platform supports two factor nearly everywhere, from extra message level security per device to codes generated on a mobile device to secure logins.

Our 2-factor authentication module is also avaialbe as a standalone product. Simply bolt on our software and use our simple but robust APIs to verify users codes and more. It is an easy security upgrade for your product.


Coinleap's software systems are powered by OAUTH 2.0. Some of the biggest names in software, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter use OAUTH to protect and secure public facing software systems. OAUTH allows our software to be as robust as possible while providing an easy and industry standard interface and set of APIs.

We offer OAUTH 2.0 as a standalone feature. Become your own OAUTH provider and issue your own tokens to support SSO, authentication and authorization of users and more. This robust bolt-on feature will get you running with OAUTH in no time.

Blockchain Integration

New and emerging Blockchain and Bitcoin technology can easily be integrated to your custom solution.

By utilizing this integration, you can directly connect to most Blockchain supported crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, enabling you to use the power of the Blockchain to further track transactions, allow for out-of-network transactions and many more features. We offer Blockchain notifications to alert users of new deposits and activity. For security, all Blockchain wallets have cold and hot wallet ability, combined with extra state-of-the-art features to ensure security and privacy.

Loyalty and Reward System

Our Payment Platform system supports a loyalty and reward system that pairs with your digital wallet. Track customer purchases and offer loyalty points and rewards for future transactions and spends, such as discounts and coupons.

Stay in contact with your users by sending email updates or customized notifications about loyalty programs. This powerful feature allows you to connect to your users while showing them they are valued and encourage return business.

Developer Portal

Our software platform comes with a fully featured developer portal, allowing you to open your services to other third party developers.

Using open and standard technologies, such as OAUTH 2.0, integration for developers is easy while providing customized permissions to sensitive operations. Our developer portal makes it easy for third parties to create third party apps into your platform. API documentation and even sandbox options allow you to offer the best possible developer tools around today in payments.