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Offering a wide array of financial technology services, software and tools built with a security first mindset. Coinleap's technology and software offers a multitude of institutional and consumer features.

From our FinTech-as-a-Service (FaaS) Platform offering a robust set of APIs and service based tools to our standalone components that can be used in any environment and platform, Coinleap's software is flexible and easy to use.

Our bolt-on solutions integrate with every platform and existing system, self-hosted or cloud-based, make adding Coinleap services a snap.

Our Features

Coinleap's Private Payment Platform allows you to create your own fully featured Digital Wallet to accept payments from users, reload accounts and much more. Options like having an Account Card and eCommerce payment options allow you to pick and choose the features that you need. With Coinleap, you can be the bank, issuer, and merchant while even offering your own merchant services, all in one private easy-to-use platform, customized to suit any need. Coinleap also offers some of our features in standalone bolt-on format to enhance your already existing. Just simple API calls get you up and running in no time.

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Created by payment industry security experts, Coinleap meets, and in most cases, surpasses PCI/DSS standards set for the payment industry.

The Coinleap framework is built on a multi-tier architecture custom built from the ground up specifically for security. We stopped at nothing to bring you the best security possible in an easy-to-use and modular platform.

Packed with innovative features and technology, such as OAUTH 2.0, an industry standard, to authenticate and authorize to the platform. Account notifications, transaction tracking and mobile phone verifications provide your users real-time information about activities on their accounts.

Service Oriented Archtiecture (SOA)

Our software is built so it scales well and it easy to use while being fleixable. Everything Coinleap offers is in the form of a web based service.

OAuth 2.0

Our systems use OAUTH 2.0 for authentication and authorization. Use the same security and simplicity that Google, Facebook and Twitter use. Even enable developers to intergrate to your platform and gain more marketshare.


All of our services are accessible using RESTful JSON based APIs. Using this commonly and easily understood interface enables easy development on any platform in a bolt on fashion. No libraries, DLLs or messy SDK's.


Scaling is important in today's instance and cloud based world. Our software is designed using stateless modular design allowing easy load balancing and horizontal scale. Self-hosted or cloud based, you have control.

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  • Developer Console - Allow developers to sign up and create powerful apps into YOUR platform! Create apps and get OAUTH 2.0 client credentials. All automated.
  • Coinleap API documentation - Create easy to understand API documentation that even allows testing of your service inside a browser! Powerful and simple tools.

Meet the team

We are a team of experts with a deep history in card payments, processing systems development and integration, program management and emerging digital currencies.

Shane Miller

Founder, Creator and CEO


Brian Grushcow

Co-Founder, President, COO


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